Increase Your Productivity ~ Get Your FocusNow


Do you find yourself losing valuable time on distracting social media websites? Is work taking you twice as long because you find yourself constantly pulled to respond to tweets or Facebook messages? Do you find yourself watching YouTube videos instead of working on your project? If your answer is yes, your procrastinating and it’s time to get yourself back on track with FocusNow.

FocusNow is a small but powerful productivity app for Windows that allows you the freedom to block out the distractions online and offline, while retaining your access to the sites and programs you need. It’s very easy to use and it only takes a few seconds to get you’re first work block actively helping you focus. This app is compatible with all major browsers – ensuring that you’ll be able to stay productive whether you’re at home, or at the office.

Focus now allows you to maximize your productivity with three different work modes:

  • Work Block Mode – block distracting websites and applications for a specific amount of work time.
  • Pomodoro Mode – schedule short breaks at 25 minute intervals in order to help keep you relaxed and focused throughout your day.
  • Schedule Mode – set your own schedule and vary it from day to day, or have it set for the long term.

Using any one of these methods will help increase your productivity by as much as 150% or more – how much would that be worth to you and your business?

Stop Procrastinating, No Risk Money Back Guarantee

We are offering FocusNow as productivity software for an incredible low price of $29. With the increased amount of work you’ll be able to complete once you start using this tool, you’ll find that it soon pays for itself. To be sure, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee – if you don’t find that your productivity has increased by at least $29 in your first month of using FocusNow, we’ll send you your money back.


Kiarna – I’ve spend so much time faffing about with the internet that I hardly could get anything done at all, which affected my finances. My friend actually suggested to get FocusNow, as I am also dyslexic and I find it really easy to be distracted. I love that you can select how much time you want to focus for because it allows you to be in the zone for that period of time, while FocusNow will make sure, Facebook, Twitter and games are actually blocked off. You can also change the keywords to block too, which I find really helpful when I actually need twitter for work and can remove that from the blocked list easily. The FocusNow program is a must for people working at home like me and great for the price too. Since I brought the program, I’ve been massively productive because I’ve simple been able to focus with the help of this handy tool.

Stop Wasting Your Time, Download FocusNow!