FocusNow will help you finally overcome procrastination. This small but powerful application will block websites and other applications that cost you unnecessary time and focus. It is very easy to set up and use, and will give you your focus back in no time.

FocusNow blocks websites and applications based on keywords you can set and change. (FocusNow already comes with some pre-selected keywords). While you’re working, the program will keep an eye on the websites and applications you open. As soon as it detects a website or application that is linked to one of the keywords, FocusNow will close that tab or application immediately, allowing you to remain focused on your work.

You can use FocusNow in three different modes:

  • Work Block Mode.
  • Pomodoro Mode.
  • Schedule Mode.

Start Work Block ModeWork Block Mode: In this mode you can select a time period during which you want to focus on your work. After setting a time, you can click the Work button and FocusNow will switch to the Blocking state in which it will block distracting websites and applications. When the selected time ends, you will receive a message and FocusNow will switch to the Pause state.

FocusNowSettingsFormPomodoro Mode: Pomodoro is a known productivity method that that utilizes timers and breaks, emphasizing working in focused bursts. You can read more about this technique here.

When you activate the Pomodoro mode, you can select the number of Pomodori you want to work. As soon as you hit the Work button, FocusNow will activate the first Pomodoro work block in Blocking state. As this block ends, FocusNow will signal you that it has ended and that you can have a break. During this break period, FocusNow switches to the Pause state and stops blocking distracting websites. When the Pause block ends, you will again get a message that the next work block has started. This will go on until the number of Pomodori you selected are reached.

As there are some alternative techniques that resemble the Pomodoro technique (like this one), you can change the work and pause times in the settings if you would like to use one of these alternatives.

Stop Wasting Your Time, Download FocusNow!

Schedule Mode: The Schedule mode allows you to plan a complete working day. You can create, edit and save various day schedules in the settings. Each day can have a customized number of working blocks and free time blocks. When you start the Schedule mode, you can select the schedule you want and FocusNow will start blocking distracting applications and websites during the work blocks defined in the selected schedule.

System Tray: When FocusNow switches to the Blocking state, it will automatically transfer to the System Tray mode. When in System Tray mode, you can select and click on the FocusNow icon with the right mouse button. This will show you a menu with options to open the main form or display when the next state switch will take place.